Quality Commitment

Management has chosen to set up a Quality System that serves as a reference for all our employees in order to master the complexity of our activities and continue to offer quality products. In order to ensure the success of the company, and in particular the satisfaction of our customers, the management commits to:

  • Assign the necessary resources and tools
  • Always listen to its customers
  • Constantly work to improve its products and services
  • Choose suppliers who adhere to its principles
  • Make its constant search for quality the heart of its business with the BRC certification

Quality Control

Quality Assurance at Produlith aims to prevent non-quality. It makes it possible to detect cases of non-conformity promptly, to rectify them and to avoid their repetition.

The company has implemented production processes that have a direct impact on the net quantity and quality of products. In-process controls and tests identify the causes of non-compliance, before reaching the final control stage according to a predefined AQL, and improve the efficiency of the whole activity, avoiding continued production of non-compliant products. To do this, Produlith has created a Quality Control department so that a technician can perform using the measuring instrument the following control tests:

  • Folding
  • Openings
  • Closing
  • COF friction resistance




Final Layout is checked with our vision system that compare the customer approved PDF to our layout prior to production.


Print production

Digital press

1st printed sheet is passed through our vision system for verifications:

  • Printed copy is compared to approved customer PDF
  • Print defects (spots, dust, broken letters) color variations

Flexo press

100% Inspection in line during print production :

  • Printed copy is compared to approved customer PDF
  • Printed defects
  • All defects are flaged in line and are removed
  • Printing reports are kept on file


Finishing Department

Folder gluer 1, 2, 3:

  • All cartons
  • 100% pharmacode reading to avoid any possible mixed products

Folder gluer 4:

  • Pharmaceutical inserts
  • 100% pharmacode reading to avoid any possible mixed products


Certification of conformity

Given out by the quality lab based on the AQL quality system.


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