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By November 30, 2015VIP Client

In collaboration with Art de Vivre, Produlith conceived a new structural design for Dans un Jardin’s product packaging, highlighting the quality and sophistication of their newest range of products.

“We hope to continue working with Produlith. Our goal is to offer products that delight the senses, and that people choose for their personal care because they are innovative, efficient and inspiring,” said Eric Arminjon, President.

The arrival of this new packaging underscores Dans un Jardin’s renewed visual identity. Black and white were selected as the signature colours to create a new, yet timeless image. To help achieve the company’s goals of targeting both a younger audience, in search of high performance products, as well as improving the daily lives of men with a range of specific expert treatments, Produlith adopted a minimalist style, evocative of the chic and refined world associated with Dans un Jardin’s simple and effective formulas.

As of October 15th, 2015, Produlith’s signature packaging design has been implemented across Dans in Jardin’s product lines.

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