Our Client Story of the Month : MonsieurT

By October 7, 2015VIP Client

MonsieurT is a Quebec company founded in 2012 by Claude Dupuis, Guylaine Carrier, their son Jacob and Jean-François Lessard. Their mission is to bring tea to another level, this tea House has proved to be much more than a simple merchant store. With already two shops and a third on the way, MonsieurT is becoming a comforting place where all senses are stimulated through a relaxed, vibrant colours combined with a mixture of odors and unmatched flavors. Mr T has an extensive range to find a product that meets our moods and our desires at any time.

MonsieurT was able to energize and revolutionize the vision of tea. They must also part of their success to creative and colorful boxes and initiatives outside standards such as the “Rocketman”, a mobile squad who distributes tea through Quebec City, or even their collaboration with “Creative Morning of Quebec”.

In short, Produlith is proud to be a partner of MonsieurT and to have contributed to the creation of this beautiful business.

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