Our structural packaging technicians specialize in design & manufacturing of cartons. Each project is designed with consideration of the box environment in which it will be held. No matter what the various contingencies (transport, refrigeration, freezing, handling, store durability in stores, etc.) He will choose and make the best box depending on the size, structure, security and style.

Prototypage Produlith

Mock ups

  • Group Marketing Discussions
  • Pre-launch
  • Visual trials
  • Printing standards
  • Finition styles
Efficacité augmenté

Increased Efficiency Program (IEP)

  • On-site (IEP) audit
  • Labratory measurements
  • Reporting
  • R&D
  • Evaluations and recommandations (For new and/or existing press)
Micrometre Design Struture

Existing Packaging Adjustments

  • Opening / closing of the box
  • Format adjustments
  • Box style changes
  • Carton applications

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