Produlith acquires new talent

By November 24, 2015Produlith
Produlith Team

For six months, Produlith saw its range of talent to expand in an extraordinary way. Joined the team: Anne-Andrée Mercier, Aaron and Christine Hauben Chap.

Aaron Chap

With over 14 years experience with Produlith, this young man of 33 years is definitely an example of determination. He started as a huller, second pressman, using operator “Bobst” responsible for receiving and hoists driver, responsible for receipts and deliveries of goods, project manager, internal sales now officially becoming an account manager . Printing therefore has no secrets for him.

If for one of your packaging projects, you are looking for a person who will offer you exemplary customer service and offer you the best solutions, you are definitely in good hands with Aaron!

Andrée-Anne Mercier

Andrée-Anne is our new project manager. With a diploma in graphic design and other project management graphic communications, Produlith is fortunate to be fetched a rare find.

Though happy to finally put into practice all the theory, you will be pleased to communicate regularly with the sweet and quiet girl who will likely be in charge of your file.

Christine Hauben

Now in charge of Marketing and Business Development at Produlith, Christine was first noted for his sometimes eclectic ideas and his passion towards people. She holds a BA in finance and a master’s in communications and marketing from the University of Sherbrooke.

If you are looking for the best way to make yourself known and put forward your products, it is the person for you!

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