Emballage Commercial

In the commercial products sector. Packaging essentially plays a support role. It must both sustainably convey information on product features, facilitates the ease of handling and increase exposure on the shelves.

  • Small production volumes
  • Great mass production
  • Just in time
  • Chemical, biological and physical protection
  • Product differentiation
  • Identification of the product properties, traceability and safety

“Before working with Produlith we made packaging decisions that were not ideal, costing us time and money. The day we started working with Annick and her team we realize immediately the benefits of working with a professional team and Produlith remains our best supplier thanks to their skills and attentiveness. We are more than satisfied with the services of Produlith and their contribution to our success!”

Marty Algire – Fix Me Stick

Pharmaceutical packaging
Food packaging

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