Contrôle de Qualitè

Quality Control

Global Vision Systems
Produlith uses vision systems through out the production process to eliminate the risk of errors on printed packaging. Used especially in the pharmaceutical sector, the vision systems at Produlith will benefit all customers during the production process insuring error free printed cartons which will result in cost reductions, faster approvals and thereby accelerating speed to market.

Unique Coding
Each carton has a unique code to insure that no cartons can be mixed up during the production process. With vision systems on all of our folder gluers and insert folders we can guarantee that all cartons and inserts are 100% viewed to prevent mix ups.

Efficacité Augmenté

Increased Efficiency Program

Increased Efficiency Program
Produlith established a program ‘’ Increased Efficiency Program’’ (IEP). This program is open to all companies that have their own automated packaging equipment (new or existing) and who wish to improve their automated run performance while lowering production costs. By adhering to the Increased Efficiency Program (IEP), you can benefit from a on-site analysis of your automated packaging machines by our structural packaging technicians. Our techniciens evaluate current runabilty carton performance. Supported by labratory measurement tools we will propose and suggest cartons that can increase your machine effiencies and will result in better set ups, runability, change overs and less cartons gone to waist.


Prototype Development

Designed by our packaging structural techniciens, prototypes can be used for various purposes such as :

Marketing prototypes
Printed prototypes are the ideal tool to test ideas with marketing without investing large amounts of time or money. The printed prototypes can also be used for pre-launch presentations to potential customers, as well as visual tests for group discussions. This stage can give great feed back on the packaging prior to prodction launches.
La création de prototype est l’outil idéal pour présenter en pré-lancement, à des clients potentiels, pour faire des essais de visuels ou encore lors de groupe de discussion.

Prototype security
By creating a prototype you can validate the durability, fonctionality and security of the actual product in the carton. This stage can prevent mistakes, save time and money.


Digital Packaging

Traditional versus digital
In today’s market brand owners are constantly looking to expand product offer, making use of event driven and seasonal packaging to leverage sales. They seek for the best quality at the best rates to preserve both brand image and profit margins. To meet this challenge, our full digital packaging solution is a great solution.

Cost savings
Digital packaging will deliver cost savings. With the reduction of carton waist, plateless printing and a one man operation digital packaging for short runs is a great cost effective solution.

Versioning & Customization
With digital media, brand owners can now adapt your boxes to each of your market segments, create promotions tailored to each market, develop multilingual visuals or create mass packaging while customizing each box.

Security & Brand Protection
Our digital packaging technology protects your brands from counterfiting. Whether using a unique carton code for traceability, encryped coding, micro-text and u.v black lite applications digital packaging can be your brand guardian.

Equipe Produlith


When doing business with Produlith, each customer is assigned an Account Executive. The expertise of our Account Excexutives will make sure that your projects are delivered on time with outstanding quality. At Produlith, we encourage teamwork and believe this is the way we can deliver results beyond your expectations.

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